Truffles & Miscellaneous Chocolates from 10.50 to 24.00

Variety boxes of hand-dipped Zwahlen's Truffles & Chocolates -- the perfect gift!

Our European-style ganache filled truffles and chocolates are made on site using the finest, freshest ingredients including Belgian Chocolate but never any preservatives.  Our chocolates are then cut and hand dipped to give each one our personal touch. 

(1/4 lb. box contains only truffles; 1/2 and 1 lb. boxes contain truffles and miscellaneous chocolate confections.)

Miscellaneous Chocolate Box Sizes

10 piece box- $10.50 (packaged with gift bow in 1/4 lb. box)

  • May include truffle flavors: Chocolate, Chocolate seasonal (candy decoration), Foiled Caramel, Honey Almond, Dipped Sea Salt Caramels, Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Raspberry, Vanilla Bean, Mayan

 15 piece box- $15 (packaged with gift bow in 1/2 lb. box)

  • May include: Mini-turtle, Chocolate seasonal truffle (candy decoration), Buttercream, Foiled Caramels, Honey Almond truffle, Sea Salt Caramel, Mayan truffle, Passion Fruit truffle, Strawberry truffle, Raspberry truffle, Vanilla Bean truffle, Homemade Peanut Butter Cup, Nut Cluster, Almond Coconut Cup

 24 piece box- $24 (packaged with gift bow in 1 lb. box)

  • May include: Homemade Peanut Butter Cup (milk and dark), Cherry Bordeaux, Foiled Caramels (milk and dark), English Toffee Piece, Dipped Oreo, Sea Salt Caramels (milk and dark), Nut Clusters (milk and dark), Raspberry truffle, Strawberry truffle, Honey Almond (milk and dark), Vanilla Bean, Chocolate seasonal (candy decoration), Buttercreams (milk and dark), mini-turtles (three, various), two dipped chocolate pretzels


If you would like a specific arrangement of truffles, feel free to call and place a phone order at our store. Custom boxes are always available at our regular truffle price of $30.00/lb.

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