About Us

Zwahlen’s Ice Cream & Chocolate Co. is a family-run business in Audubon, PA near Valley Forge National Park. 

Marty and Melanie Low always had a desire to own their own business.  After getting married, starting a family, and graduating from college, Marty entered the corporate world. As the Low family grew over the years to include six children, the time finally came to explore owning their own business. One of the most important criteria was to have a business where they could be part of the community and enable their children and friends to have a great place to work. After much research and discussion, they decided to start a business doing something they loved: Ice Cream, and what goes well with ice cream? Chocolate.

In researching the business, Marty took several months and traveled all over the country to find the best ice cream around.  Marty then went to ice cream school, and Melanie went to chocolate school in Montreal to learn how to make European style chocolates. To build on Melanie’s Swiss roots and their love of Europe, the Lows named the store after Melanie’s great-great grandfather, Johannes Zwahlen and built their store to look like a Swiss Chalet to bring a feeling of the Alps to Audubon, PA.  Family is important to them, and it shows in the store which has many seating options inside in booths or large tables and outside on the patio where small or large groups can gather.  In the winter, a fireplace brings a cozy warmth to the inside dining area. Our family, like yours, enjoys the time we get to spend together and invite you to come visit us and enjoy the many things we have. Being closed on Sundays ensures us at least one day a week for us and our employees to be together with their families.


Store Location: 670 Shannondell Blvd., Audubon, PA 19403

Phone Number: (610) 635-0115