At Zwahlen's, shipping our products safely and quickly is a priority for us so customers receive their chocolates and caramel apples fresh and in a timely manner.


In-store Pick-Up Ordering Information

To personally pick up your order in our store and avoid shipping fees, please select the shipping method "Zwahlen's Store Pick Up in Audubon, PA" during check out and include the date and time you plan to pick up your order in the comments section of your cart. This allows that your order will be made fresh and ready for you to pick up at your desired time.

All store pick-up orders require a minimum of 2 business days, Monday-Thursday, to produce & make your items. If we cannot meet your requested pick-up time from your comments, you will be contacted by phone or email. If you do not hear from us within 24 hours of placing your order (or Monday morning if placed over the weekend), you can generally assume we will have your order complete at your requested time and it will be ready for you when you arrive.

If you have a tight deadline and aren't sure if your order will be completed by the requested time, feel free to email or call 610-635-0115 for an update.

Caramel Apple Shipping Limitations

Because of the perishable nature of our apples, all apple orders and chocolate baskets containing apples are shipped out the same day the apples have been dipped. From January through November, we produce apples only on Mondays and Thursdays. In December, we make apples every day for store pick up, and ship them from Monday-Thursday. 

Heat Restrictions and Shipping

We do not ship at all during the months of June, July, or August due to the Pennsylvania summer heat. We also are careful to avoid shipping to any location that may be experiencing temporary high temperatures. An employee will call or email to let you know if there will be a potential delay in any order due to weather. 

How long will it take my order to arrive?

Please include in the comments section of your order the date you would like your chocolates or apples to arrive on. Our amazing order fulfillment staff will choose the shipping method that will get your items there as quickly as possibly by your requested due date. We ship both through the United States Postal Service and UPS as needed by destination.

Most of our products require at least 48 hours before they will be ready to ship from our store. However, our employees will always try our best to meet your needs if at all possible, so give us a call at 610-635-0115 or email us at if you have any specific questions. 

What if I want to ship to multiple addresses?

At this time, our website is set up so that each shipping address is considered its own order. If you would like to ship to multiple addresses, you can either place separate website orders for each shipping destination, or feel free to email with your order and separate shipping addresses. One of our shipping & fulfillment staff members will reply to complete your order by email.  


Unfortunately, we do not ship our amazing ice cream or baked items. For now, ice cream fans will have to come visit us in Pennsylvania!

Do you ship Internationally or to P.O. Boxes/APO/FPO addresses?

At this time, we only ship to addresses in the United States, including to United States Postal Service P.O. Boxes. We will also be happy to ship to any APO/FPO addresses for recipients who are currently serving on military bases in the United States. Unfortunately due to the perishable nature of our products, we cannot guarantee any packages sent to APO/FPO locations overseas. 



Our shipping rates are determined by the subtotal cost of your order.  


Zwahlen's Store Pick Up in Audubon, PA (Order Will NOT Be Shipped)

Store Pick-up (any total) FREE!

Subtotal $0.00-$20.00 Shipping Cost

$0.01 – $20.00


Subtotal $20.01-$30.00 Shipping Cost

$20.01 – $30.00


Subtotal $30.01-$40.00 Shipping Cost

$30.01 – $40.00


Subtotal $40.01-$50.00 Shipping Cost

$40.01 – $50.00


Subtotal $50.01-$60.00 Shipping Cost

$50.01 – $60.00


Subtotal $60.01-$80.00 Shipping Cost

$60.01 – $80.00


Subtotal $80.01-$100.00 Shipping Cost

$80.01 – $100.00


Subtotal $100.01-$125.00 Shipping Cost

$100.01 – $125.00


Subtotal $125.01-150.00 Shipping Cost

$125.01 – $150.00


Subtotal $150.01-$200.00 Shipping Cost

$150.01 – $200.00


Subtotal $200.01-$300.00 Shipping Cost

$200.01 – $300.00


Subtotal $300.01 and up Shipping Cost

$300.01 and up $90.00


 Returns & Customer Satisfaction

We are very proud of our products and make every consideration so that our customers receive a superior and fresh treat every time they shop at Zwahlen's. However, we know things outside of our control come into play when we are working with delicious homemade recipes and perishable items. If for any reason a customer is not completely satisfied with one of our products, please let us know by emailing or calling to speak to one of our managers. We appreciate your patience with the processes of creating fresh & delicious homemade products, and we promise to always try to make your Zwahlen's experience a good one!